Raspberry farm "Mūsu avenes"

The story of the raspberry field in the farm "Mūsu avenes" began in 2019, when its owner Inta Romanova returned to Latvia after a 10-year absence, registered economic activity and, using the experience gained abroad, started agricultural production, growing bush quinces, summer and autumn raspberries, honeysuckle and white mulberry berries.

In the fall of 2019, the first 2048 raspberry seedlings, 500 quince seedlings, 45 white mulberry seedlings and 35 honeysuckle seedlings were purchased and planted.

Currently, the farm is engaged in the cultivation of raspberries, quince, rhubarb and other seasonal vegetables and herbs. The produced products are sold locally on the farm, as well as processed by the daughter's family enterprise SIA "Augu spēks".

Since 2021, the farm offers self-picking of raspberries, which has gained great popularity and response from people. People like to go to the farm to pick raspberries and spend time in the countryside.

Aveņu saimniecība Vircavā

Support for farm development

In 2021, the owner of the farm "Mūsu Avenes" Inta Romanova implemented the European Union European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) sub-measure 6.3 of the Latvian Rural Development Program for 2014 - 2020: "Support for starting a business by developing small farms" by building farms buildings for packaging, processing and storage of agricultural products.